We may or may not be hypocrites. Just recently, we encouraged everyone, to get off the Struggle Bus. The Struggle Bus implies a stressful or difficult situation in your life. Such as a bus ride, it is likely temporary and potentially full of other people.


So it might sound crazy when we say/admit: We’re on the Struggle Bus, and proud of it!


What? Have we eaten too many beets?  Are we high on sprouted beans? Is this the first sign of inevitable insanity triggered by the lack of bacon in our lives?


Nay, my fine friends. We are rational, reasonable, and--shockingly--totally sober. It is with pride that we acknowledge that we have stood at the stop as the SB rolls up, brakes screeching as it comes to a halt. We have watched the creaky yellow doors swing out, and then mounted each dirty, crusty, step into the middle aisle, cramped between faux-leather seats, and rickety bus windows that just don’t seem to stay up. And yes, we have made that middle-aisle walk of shame, a mix between young Forrest and Principal Rooney, eventually taking the only seat left, right beside our worst enemy. 

Let’s go, Struggle Bus Driver, take me home.

If you wonder how this can be a good thing, rest assured you will come to understand. Importantly, it’s a critical aspect of living the Plant Life, and life in general. The reason we are so proud of this journey is because not all Struggle Buses are created equal. They aren't all destined to arrive at the same, miserable place.


We have not mounted the Struggle Bus of poor health choices and food choices. Instead, we have looked at our lives the past few months, and realized that the creep of things to do, places to go, and people to see, has invaded the sacred territories of self-care. Restful nights have been replaced by burning the candle at both ends, coffee and grumpiness. Exercise has been substituted by passive entertainment from Netflix to PS4. And finally, celebratory treat meals have become the rule, not the exception.  


But the New Year is a time of reflection, and our Plant Life education made it clear the direction our Bus was headed. So we decided to pull the ratty cord to let the driver know we wanted off. Then, we crossed the street of commitment (recommitment), and proudly boarded another Struggle Bus headed in the opposite direction.


So, we sit here, puffy eyed, a little sleepy, and slightly disoriented as our body takes its rest as it needs it and acknowledges it’s sleep deficit, and weans itself from a constant caffeine infusion. We are sore in every muscle and a few we didn’t know we had, as we struggle with weights, distances, and intensities that we used to hardly break a sweat doing. And our stomach and near neighbors complain a bit as we adjust our Plant Life once more to fewer treats and better eats.  


Yes, we are a little embarrassed, because like Sisyphus (Bonus points for 9th grade mythology reference), we condemned ourselves to push this rock up a hill, only to allow it to fall back down again instead of pushing it to new heights. But, we are also proud that we have made the change to struggle in the right direction once more. Kiss my oil-free grits, Sisyphus.


That’s the secret of living a Plant Life, what doctors won’t tell you, and friends and family don’t realize or want to acknowledge. It takes a rare awareness to understand that we are ALL on a Struggle Bus going in many different directions. In many cases our struggles are so ingrained in our lives, and so accepted by society, that we don’t even notice that the Bus we have boarded is carrying us away from our hopes and goals, and towards (cue the deep, reverberating voice) Ouurrrrr Doooooooommmm.


Yes, doing good, changing your body and your choices for good is difficult. But don’t be fooled in thinking that your “normal” life didn’t have difficulties too. Instead, be encouraged that your new obstacles move you towards a better endpoint, for yourself, your world, and for those you love.   


We are proud to ride this Struggle Bus towards a Plant Life and we’re proud to have you join us. You can eat with us, and now, you can also sit with us! The more people that see us struggling together in the same direction, the more people there will be to take note, take charge, and maybe even take a seat, too.