If you’re browsing the web and the world, looking for answers about diet and lifestyle because you are ready for a change, then you’ve come to the right place!  As a physician on that search, I have spent many years trying to discover the reality behind what real health means, and the results of that search resulted in Plant Life.

Living the Plant Life is about discovering and embracing a plant-based lifestyle that shifts your body, your mind, and your life back to the place it belongs: in tune with itself, and the world around it.  Embracing the Plant Life leads to real, lasting changes that resonate with life, society, and the environment in ways against which other diets, fads, medicine, or advice just can’t compete or don’t bear out.

Living the Plant Life brings your health and body back to a place where it can heal itself, and where your body’s systems are no longer hijacked by the distorted sense of “balance” and “healthy” that pervade our current approach to health, diet, and lifestyle.  With a Plant Life, you no longer face the inevitable creep of diseases that are considered ubiquitous as we age, and because of which many of us have seen our dearest family members suffer or die.

Please enjoy the ideas, experiences, and community of Plant Life as it grows and develops in the coming months.  My hope is that Plant Life becomes a source of challenge, information, and community support that helps anyone ready to find the answers that actually work.

And in the words of Kenny Powers, “You’re welcome.” ;)