A community

Plant Life brings together plant-based eaters of all varieties. Be it Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Pescatarian, or Vegan on Tuesdays, Plant Life is here to combine forces towards a greater good. Forget the individual classifications, we all aim for good health and let's face it, we all love food. Together we can make plant-based eating and proper health the standard. It doesn't have to be just a nice idea any longer. The plant-based population exists; Plant Life is just the glue.


A Resource

Plant-based lifestyles are not currently classified as easy. Although we can't provide you a personal chef, a consistently stocked refrigerator, or the undivided support of your family and friends(YET), we do intend on providing you a community of plant based locations, numerous recipes, various guided challenges, and all the support you may need in finding the healthy lifestyle that's right for you. We all have to start somewhere. Let us take on your plant-based struggles so you can take on your life.


A Strive towards Global health

Food and diets are subject to endless amounts of contradicting information. Plant Life is here to make it simple. Whether you're already plant based or have an itch inside of you to try this lifestyle, we want to provide the resources and support necessary to make choosing health an uncomplicated decision. One thing is for certain, our medical bills are increasing while money spent on food is decreasing. This is no coincidence. Extreme dieting is unhealthy and the food we come across daily has become cheap and dangerous. A food intervention is happening and it starts with the plant based community. We have to work together to set a global example. Everyone deserves to reap Plant Life benefits.